AstroNet: A Human-Centric Network of Free-Flying Space Co-robots to Assist Astronauts


Professor Dimitra Panagou has been awarded the NASA Early CAREER Faculty award, which enables Professor Panagou and her student team to develop the AstroNet: A Swarm of Free-Flying Space Co-robots that are conceived to interact with NASA crew members and assist them in Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs) for the inspection, maintenance and repair of spacecraft exteriors.  The 3-year project will focus on the development of Guidance, Navigation and Control algorithms that will enable the AstroNet to (i) safely surround the crew member during EVAs, (ii) perceive simple human commands (e.g., gestures) and (iii) respond to human commands by redistributing autonomously in space to dynamically and continuously enhance mission efficacy in a human-centric way.

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Cooperative Quadrotors in Action (video).