Academic Statement of Purpose

This is a chance for you to give the Admissions Committee details about your academic background and career aspirations. You will want to talk about your engineering experiences, your motivation for pursuing a higher degree in Robotics, your long-term goals, as well as your specific interests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What should I include in the Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

A: The Academic Statement of Purpose should be a concise, well-written statement about an applicant’s academic and research background, career goals, and how this graduate program will help meet career and educational objectives.

Q: How long should the Statement of Purpose be?

A: The SOP document should only be 1-3 pages.

Q: Can I combine the Statement of Purpose with the Personal Statement in one document?

A: No. We ask that all applicants submit two separate documents for the Statement of Purpose and Personal Statement. If an applicant submits one document we will contact them to request two separate documents. The Graduate Admission Committee requires two separate documents.

Q: Are there specific guidelines for formatting?

A: No there are no formatting guidelines in regards to font type, font size, etc.

Q: Can I submit an edited Statement of Purpose?

A: No. Please review all application materials before submitting your application. 

Please note that once an applicant submits their online application, no changes to the Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement, Curriculum Vitae, and Application can be modified online.