Letters of Recommendation

Our department requires three letters of recommendation. They should be from professors, employers, or others who know you well. It is strongly recommended that you determine your three recommenders before starting your application, as they cannot be modified on the form once entered. Letters of recommendation should be submitted online and this is the preferred method of delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  How are letters of recommendation submitted?

A:  Applicants will enter the names and e-mail addresses of their recommenders on the online application.  Once the names are entered, the recommenders will receive an e-mail with steps on how to set up a recommender account.  They will be able to submit their recommendations electronically.  

Q:  My recommender did not receive an e-mail from the online system. How can he/she receive the message to submit a letter for me?

A:  All applicants can log onto the online application system to resend the e-mail to a recommender. 

Q:  How can I change a recommender I entered on the application system?

A:  Applicants can go on the online application to check the status of a recommender preparing a letter.  Applicants can change a recommender at any time unless the recommender they listed has already started the recommendation.   As long as the recommender has not started the process, the applicant can change a recommender. If the recommender has started the process, then no one can modify the recommender. The applicant can always send a reminder to the recommender to submit the letter.

Q:  How can I edit my recommenders name on the online application?

A:  It is very important to spell the recommender’s name and e-mail correctly.  As long as you have not submitted the application yet, any applicant can log back onto the online application to edit the information. Once the application is submitted, no one can modify the content listed on the application (This includes the Rackham Graduate School and Robotics Program).  For instance, if an applicant changes a recommender on the Letter of Recommendation online application section and has submitted the application, no one can update the new recommender on the online application. The new recommender will receive a message to submit the letter of recommendation but the new person will not be listed on the online application since it was submitted before the change.

Q:  Will you accept letters that arrive after the application deadline date?

A:  Yes we will accept letters that arrive after the deadline date. We understand that a professor my not provide the letter by the deadline.  However, please keep in mind that we still need to receive the missing letter in order to completely review your file.

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