For MS and PhD applicants:

We need both your unofficial and official transcripts.

Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded with your application. Applicants must upload their unofficial transcripts with their application by the deadline. 


Official transcripts must be sent to the Rackham Graduate School.  Your application will not be reviewed by Robotics until Rackham has received and evaluated your official transcript. You may send an e-transcript or mail a paper transcript to this address:

Rackham Graduate School
Attn: Transcripts/UMID# (if known) or Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
915 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1070

  • Rackham Graduate School is a separate entity from the Robotics Program, they oversee and certify transcripts.  Transcripts are sent to Rackham and not to the Robotics Program. 
  • Our department cannot confirm that transcripts mailed to the Rackham Graduate School have been received. It typically takes several weeks for Rackham to upload transcripts after they have been received.
  •  Please note that Rackham and the Robotics Program require the official transcript and certificate to be mailed in order to receive an admission decision. Not mailing an official transcript may delay the admission decision.

Applicants are required to send one set of official academic transcripts to the Rackham Graduate School:

  • In order to avoid a delay in the transcript being matched with the online application, Rackham requires the Transcript Submission Form to be sent with the transcript.
  • Rackham requires the official transcript from the institution an applicant will receive a degree from.
  • For additional information regarding transcripts from international institutions review Rackham’s Transcript Requirements for International Applicants.
  • Students who are currently attending the University of Michigan (U-M) Ann Arbor campus do not submit an official transcript to Rackham. Rackham can obtain transcripts for all current U-M students.
  • Rackham requires official transcript from the institution an applicant will obtain a degree from. If an applicant attended an institution outside the U.S. for two years and transferred to a U.S. institution (and will receive the degree from there), then the applicant should only submit the U.S. transcript to Rackham as listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the GPA you are looking for on transcripts?

A: There is no minimum GPA. The average undergraduate GPA of our Fall 2018 PhD class is 3.77/4.0 and for the Master’s cohort is 3.75/4.0. If your institution does not use a 4.0 scale, the Rackham Graduate School will convert your GPA when they receive your official transcripts.

Q: I uploaded a scanned transcript with the online application. Do I need to submit an official transcript to the University of Michigan?

A: It is required that all applicants must submit one official academic transcript to the Rackham Graduate School along with their application materials. The only exception of anyone not submitting an official transcript applies to applicants who have graduated or working towards graduating from the University of Michigan (U-M). 

The Transcript Submission Form must be submitted to Rackham when transcripts are mailed to Rackham. The transcript submission form is used to match the transcript with the application. It is used to avoid any delay in processing. If an applicant cannot submit the Transript Submission Form, please write your full name and date of birth on the outside of the envelope. If you cannot do this, Rackham will be able to match your transcript with your application. It just may take longer to match it to the application without the form, full name or date of birth.

Rackham Graduate School requires official transcript from the institution an applicant will receive the degree from there and then the applicant should only submit the U.S. transcript where the degree was earned.

Q: I am a current University of Michigan (U-M) Ann Arbor student. Do I need to mail my official transcript to Rackham?

A: No. Rackham does not require currently enrolled U-M students to submit official transcripts. Please adhere to the guidelines provided by the Rackham Graduate School on their Transcript page.

Q. Is it necessary to mail an official transcript? Can I mail the transcript after I get admitted to the program? I am a student and cannot afford to mail my transcript.

A: Unfortunately Rackham and the Robotics Program must receive the official transcript before an admission decision is provided. The official transcript is a requirement.

Q: Are photocopies of transcripts and certificate attested by the Office of Registrar acceptable as “official transcripts and certificates.”

A: No they are not acceptable as official transcripts and certificates. We ask applicants to mail the official transcript to the Rackham Graduate School. Please see Rackham’s transcript link for additional information.