Affiliate Faculty

Awtar, Shorya

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Precision engineering; mechatronics; flexure mechanisms; high-precision high-bandwidth motion systems for applications in nanometrology and nanomanufacturing; MEMS sensors and actuators; minimally invasive surgery.

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Shan Bao

Bao, Shan

Associate Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Associate Research Scientist, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Ann Arbor

Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies, Human Factors, Bid Data, Driver Behavior Modeling, Vulnerable Road Users, and User Interface.

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Baveja, Satinder Singh

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Reinforcement learning and planning approaches to building artificial agents that can learn from experience to act autonomously in complex, stochastic, and partially-known environments.

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James Cutler

Cutler, James

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Robotic exploration of space with emphasis on design optimization, sensor systems, communication networks, and novel nanosatellite missions.

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Del Campo, Matias

Associate Professor, Architecture Design (Architecture and Urban Planning)

Computational design in Architecture. Robotic fabrication methods for architecture and design applications. Implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) devices in the design phase as well as in on-site construction. Critical theory on computational design culture.

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Durfee, Ed

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering; Co-director, Technology Increasing Knowledge: Technology Optimizing Choice (TIKTOC), U-M Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

Intelligent coordination among multiple autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Director of the Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles (RAV) M. Eng. Degree program at Integrative Systems + Design Division (ISD).

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Tulga Ersal

Ersal, Tulga

Associate Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering

Autonomous vehicles, teleoperation, system dynamics and control, multibody dynamics, energy management, mathematical modeling.

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David Fouhey

Fouhey, David

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Artificial intelligence, scene understanding, and computer and robotic vision.

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Ghaffari Jadidi, Maani

Assistant Research Scientist, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

My research interests mainly include applied mathematics, robotic perception, machine learning, and planning under uncertainty with applications in robotics and autonomous systems.

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Girard, Anouck

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Nonlinear control and systems engineering with applications to unmanned vehicle systems, and Director of the Michigan/AFRL Collaborative Center in Control Sciences.

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Griffin, Brent

Assistant Research Scientist, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Active perception, bipedal locomotion, control optimization and signal processing, computer vision.

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Jean-Baptiste Jeannin

Jeannin, Jean-Baptiste

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Formal verification of cyber-physical systems, aerospace software systems, logics and semantics of programming languages, programming with coinductive types, software security.

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Jin, Judy

Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Statistical methods for quality and reliability engineering with the focus on distributed sensing, dynamic system modeling, online monitoring and diagnosis, and optimal decision-making for improving system design, operations, and maintenance strategies.

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Stephane Lafortune

Lafortune, Stephane

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

System and control theory; discrete event systems; cyber-physical systems. Supervisory control, fault diagnosis, security and privacy in control systems. Formal methods of control. Application to automated and autonomous systems, multi-agent systems, software systems, and computer systems.

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Laird, John

John L. Tishman Professor of Engineering; Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Autonomous intelligent robots, integration of robotic and cognitive architecture, interactive task learning.

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Walter Lasecki

Lasecki, Walter

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering; Assistant Professor, School of Information

Crowdsourcing, human computation, Human-in-the-Loop Robotics, intelligent systems and scene understanding and annotation.

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Hong Lak Lee

Lee, Honglak

Morris Wellman Faculty Development Assistant Professor; Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Artificial intelligence, signal and image processing, robotics and computer vision.

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Lee, SangHyun

Associate Professor and John L. Tishman Faculty Scholar, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Human Robot Collaboration in Construction, Markerless Motion Capture, Brain Robot Interface

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Wes Mcgee

McGee, Wes

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Material Performance (Architecture and Urban Planning)

Robotic applications in architecture and construction, large-scale digital fabrication, offline simulation tool development, online control and sensing, algorithmic and parametric design workflows.

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Ms. Rada Mihalcea

Mihalcea, Rada

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Natural language processing, computational social sciences, multimodal tracking and understanding of human behavior. Human-Robot interaction.

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Mark Moldwin

Moldwin, Mark

Professor, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Magnetometer and integrated sensor development for localization and navigation, with applications for indoor, underground, underwater and other GPS denied environments.

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Mower Provost, Emily

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Audio-visual modeling of human behavior focusing on emotion. Focus on assistive speech-based technologies.

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Lauro Lojeda

Ojeda, Lauro

Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering

Research interests include mobile robotics, position estimation, sensor fusion, simulation , adaptive systems, control systems and digital signal processing. This research enables projects in the fields of accurate localization and tracking systems for mobile robots and humans.

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Chinedum Okwudire

Okwudire, Chinedum

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Automation: with key applications in 3-D printing, nano-positioning, machining, and smart manufacturing systems; Vehicle Automation: with key applications in electric power assist steering, steer-by-wire, and electric vehicle charging.

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Oldham, Kenn

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Design, fabrication, dynamics, sensing, and control of microscale systems, including autonomous, millimeter-scale micro-robots.

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Orosz, Gabor

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Connected and automated vehicles, ground robots, networks and complex systems, nonlinear dynamics and control, time-delay systems.

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Peng, Huei

Roger L. McCarthy Professor; Professor, Mechanical Engineering; US Director, US-China Clean Energy Research Center-Clean Vehicle Consortium

Adaptive and optimal control, particularly for energy systems, including hybrid vehicles and small robots.

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Reed, Matthew

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; Research Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Human motion tracking and simulation; grasp modeling; computational modeling of perception, cognition, and motor action; driving monitoring and simulation.

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Jennifer Robertson

Robertson, Jennifer

Professor, Anthropology and History of Art (LSA)

Human-robot coexistence and interaction, especially as visualized and practiced in Japan (and East Asia more generally); robot rights vs. human rights; robot ethics; robot design; gendering robots and robot gender (especially humanoids); robot therapy and robot caregivers.

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Stein, Jeffrey

Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Associate Director, Automotive Research Center

Systems and control including machine design, control, monitoring, and diagnostics; physical system modeling; automated modeling; bond graph theory; proper modeling of active suspensions; proper vehicle handling and ride models; high efficiency dynamic formulations for vehicle dynamics.

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Umberger, Brian

Professor, Movement Science

Bipedal locomotion, biomechanics, energetics, optimal control, computer modeling and simulation, motion analysis.

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Locomotion Research Laboratory

Weiland, James

Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Retinal Prosthesis for the Blind, Computer Vision for Low-Vision Assistance, Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Electrophysiology, Multi-Sensory Integration.

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Jessie Yang

Yang, Xi Jessie

Assistant Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Human-autonomy/robot interaction, primarily focused on modeling human users' trust in automation/robots and designing interfaces that facilitate trust calibration and HAI/HRI team performance.

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Zhang, Zhengya

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Embedded hardware and accelerator design for machine learning and robotics.

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