Bichucher, Vittorio

Current Position: Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co

Graduated 2016- MS Student, Robotics Institute

Chang, Chih-Kang

Current Position: Research Assistant, University of Michigan

Graduated 2016- MS Student, Robotics Institute

I focus on medical robots, including surgical tool, haptic device, rehabilitation device, exoskeleton, etc. I am now doing research in NeuRRo lab.

Chen, Qingyu

Graduated 2016- MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a robotics master student from Shanghai, China. My research interest is computer vision especially in visual SLAM.

Choi, Kevin

Graduated 2016- MS Student, Robotics Institute

Product development engineer turned roboticist. I'm interested in applying computer vision to mobile robot localization using computer vision; I have experience applying both to ground and aerial vehicles. A sample of my work can be seen on my website.

Richey, Megan

Current Position: SoarTech, Software Engineer

Graduated 2015- MS Student, Robotics Institute

Meghan graduated from Santa Clara University in 2014 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering, and she completed her masters in Robotics at U of M in 2015. Her masters research focused on social robotics and human interest detection using artificial intelligence methods. She currently works as a software engineer at SoarTech, an artificial intelligence research company. Her work includes designing user studies to evaluate how humans interact with technology and writing simulation agents to realistically emulate human behavior for several military applications.

Sutorius, Mason

Current Position: Feature Development Engineer, Delphi Automotive

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Robotics with a focus on embedded control systems, mechatronic systems design, and modeling and simulation. Currently a feature development engineer with Delphi Automotive's Advanced Engineering team, developing active safety/autonomous driving features for the next generation of automobiles.