A Shoutout to Two Michigan PhDs in Robotics

Science RoboticsThe research of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics alum Dr. Alireza Ramezani is featured on the February cover of Science Robotics. Dr. Ramezani defended his dissertation, “Feedback Control Design for MARLO, a 3D-Bipedal Robot,” in 2013. 

The U-M Mathematics Department has awarded Hamed Razavi with the 2016 Sumner B. Myers Prize, which honors the best PhD thesis in mathematics.  No award is made unless a thesis is judged to be truly distinguished:
Hamed Razavi, “Symmetry Method for Limit Cycle Walking of Legged Robots”, co-advised by Tony Bloch (Math) and Jessy Grizzle (EECS).
Michigan Daily 2/5/17 article 

A ‘vast improvement’ in MARLO’s mobility on uncertain terrain

Two novel feedback control algorithms developed for the bipedal robot MARLO are vastly improving her ability to move over uncertain terrain.  The work was done by PhD students Dennis Da and Brent Griffin, in collaboration with PhD students Omar Harib and Ross Hartley, all of whom work with Professor Jessy Grizzle.


MARLO walks elegantly on “stilts”.

Professor Jessy Grizzle’s bipedal robot MARLO is taking laps in the laboratory in preparation for walking outdoors. A new control algorithm developed by Grizzle’s team, including Dr. Kaveh Akbari Hamed, Dr. Brian Buss and PhD student Brent Griffin, has been deployed. The algorithm provides enhanced agility for a highly dynamic robot, such as MARLO, which does not require large feet for balance. Indeed, MARLO walks on point feet, similar to a human walking on stilts. Stay on the lookout for upcoming developments that achieve enhanced robustness to terrain variations.