Yuxiao Chen’s Formal Design Process: Achieving Ever-Greater Balance Between Safety and Performance

The concept of “formal methods”, also know as “correct by construction” is applied to the trajectory planning for mobile robots/small autonomous vehicles. The main challenges are (i) the presence of multiple moving objects (pedestrians, other robots/vehicles), and (ii) plant uncertainties. We aim to address both in our research.

The example publications show a formal design process to deal with multiple moving objects (without considering plant uncertainties). Our method achieves better balance between safety (zero collision!) and performance (the robot does not keep stopping to avoid collisions) compared with other methods from the literature.

Mr. Yuxiao Chen is a U-M graduate student co-advised by Professors Huei Peng and Jessy Grizzle.

A ‘vast improvement’ in MARLO’s mobility on uncertain terrain

Two novel feedback control algorithms developed for the bipedal robot MARLO are vastly improving her ability to move over uncertain terrain.  The work was done by PhD students Dennis Da and Brent Griffin, in collaboration with PhD students Omar Harib and Ross Hartley, all of whom work with Professor Jessy Grizzle.