Michigan Robotics 2019 Gift Guide

December 4, 2019
2019 Gift Guide

Need a gift for someone into robotics? Or at least to spark an interest in robotics? Maybe a robotics gift for yourself? We’ve rounded up some top gifts, and are looking for you to share yours.

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Doubling dollars to Women in Science and Engineering

December 3, 2019
After learning aerodynamics, a little aerospace engineering, and performing some flight calculations, a WISE summer camp plays quadcopter quidditch with Professor Anouck Girard.

For the annual University of Michigan #GivingBlueDay, on December 3rd, every dollar donated to Michigan Robotics will be matched with a dollar donated to Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

The faculty and staff of Michigan Robotics will donate up to $5,000 to WISE, in support of their outreach and programs designed to increase the number of girls and women pursuing degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while fostering the success of students anywhere on the gender spectrum.

Donate a dollar (or more) to Michigan Robotics.

We’ll donate a dollar (or more) to WISE!

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Congratulations to promoted Robotics faculty of 2019

May 17, 2019
Recently promoted associate professor Necmiye Ozay, works with former graduate student Lars Petter Nilsson, in a tech-heavy driverless car at Mcity. Photo by Robert Coelius, Michigan Engineering.

At yesterday’s May 2019 University of Michigan Board of Regents’ meeting, several Core and Affiliated Robotics faculty were approved for promotions to associate and full professors, both with tenure.

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Robotics Interfaces seminars exhibit deep connections across fields

April 9, 2019
Roland Snooks presenting
At the first Robotics Interfaces seminar, Roland Snooks, Associate Professor of RMIT Melbourne, presents “Behavioral Prototypes.”

Beginning in 2018, Talia Moore, a postdoctoral fellow in ecology and evolutionary biology, with the help of Shai Revzen, Robotics core faculty, organized partnerships between Robotics and departments around the university to invite speakers whose research demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of the field, creating the “Robotics Interfaces” seminar series.

Talks have spanned research on how ants navigate to 3D printing in architecture and fashion. Despite the various origins of such research, such as biology, architecture, or design, all presented topics have implications for robotics. For example, Barbara Webb’s research of navigation in ants includes building computational models of the ant’s neural processing. She then uses these models to test and replicate the navigational behavior in small, ant-like robots.

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A2Sys Lab takes first in firefighting drone competition

April 2, 2019
A2Sys Lab poses with award money
Ella Atkins, Jeremy Castagno, Prince Kuevor, and Matthew Romano won the 2019 Swarm & Search AI Challenge held in Dayton, Ohio over March 29-31, 2019. Photo courtesy A2Sys Lab.

Last year, California experienced the single largest wildfire in its recorded history, a wildfire in Greece killed 100, and wildfires in the British Columbia surpassed the historic proportions seen only the year before. Water and firebreaks can fight immediate threats, but improved mapping and better planning in deploying such resources can maximize impact and minimize risk, reducing the impact of fires over an entire season.

One way to improve mapping and firefighting plans? Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and algorithms that allow them to operate autonomously.

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