Faculty talks


April 19, 2019 | Ram Vasudevan
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lifting to Infinite Dimensions

March 15, 2019 | Ryan Eustice
AI Guarding the Human: Toyota’s Guardian Approach to Automated Driving


November 10, 2018 | Emily Mower Provost
Human-Centered Computing: Using Speech to Understand Behavior 

November 10, 2018 | Walter Lasecki
Hybrid Intelligence Crowdsourcing: Towards Robust Interactive Intelligent Systems

November 10, 2018 | Jason Corso
Manipulating Videos with Frame and Object Inpainting

Jessy talking at Georgia Tech

September 26, 2018 | Jessy Grizzle
Mathematics and Learning for Agile and Dynamic Bipedal Locomotion

June 2018 | Chad Jenkins
Robotics Science and Systems Conference


Nov 17, 2017 | Deanna Gates
Optimizing ankle prostheses to improve walking in transtibial amputees


Feb 18th, 2016 | Jessy Grizzle
Taking Bipedal Robots from Science Fiction to Science Fact

Feb 5, 2016 | Matthew Johnson-Roberson
Underwater mapping: new robotic approaches to an old problem


Oct 15, 2015 | Jason Corso
When to Connection Vision and Language, The Low-, Mid- or High-Level

Oct 30, 2015 | Ryan Eustice
University of Michigan’s Work Toward Autonomous Cars

Apr 6, 2015 | Shai Revzen
TEDx UofM: Facing the Unknown, with Robots

Feb 16, 2015 | Jessy Grizzle
Bipedal Walking Robots


Nov 20, 2014 | Ella Atkins
Drone Policy or Not?

Oct 11, 2014 | C. David Remy
Dynamic Locomotion in Humans, Animals, and Robots

Jul 2, 2014 | Chad Jenkins
World Science Festival Cool Jobs

Apr 16, 2014 | Huei Peng
On the Mobility Transformation Center

Feb 19, 2014 | Emily Mower-Provost
Data Mining – Emotional Noise to Uncloud A/V Emotion Perceptual Eval.


Dec 4, 2013 | Ella Atkins
Is airspace ready for delivery drones?

Oct 9, 2013 | Nadine Sarter
Attention and Interruption Management in Human-Machine Teams

Oct, 2013 | Chad Jenkins
Meet the robots for humanity

Aug 19, 2013 | Chad Jenkins
National Geographic Live: Robots Among Us

July 25, 2013 | Shorya Awtar
A better tool for minimally invasive surgery

Feb 25, 2013 | Ram Vasudevan
Identification of Hybrid Dynamical Models of Human Motion

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