Kaustav Chakraborty

Kaustav Chakraborty

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Anticipated Graduation: 2020


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Research interests:

I am interested in the intersection of vision and robotics. How can we use vision as a stimulus and convert it into optimal actions that a robot should perform to reach its goal configuration? Can a robot "learn" to selectively perceive its environment and "control" its own actuation? I also wish to explore this merger of perception and controls!

I am currently working on object detection and pose estimation using deep learning on LiDARs at the Bipedal Robotics Lab at the University of Michigan. Apart from this, I have worked on mobile robotics, SLAM, computer vision, and a multitude of small robotic projects. I am interested in formulating real word problems as iterative optimization problems and learning them as end-to-end differentiable models.

I graduated with a BTech degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 from VIT University where I have worked on material science, mechatronics, and embedded robotics. I have been a member of the ASME-VIT student chapter and a department chair of Team Anant, the official Human Powered Vehicle Team of VIT, Vellore operating under ASME-VIT.