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FIRST Alumni and Mentors Network at Michigan

A wheeled robot carrying a kickball, in motion.
A FIRST robotics team demonstrates at Michigan Robotics Day 2016.

The mission of FAMNM is to inspire K-12 students to pursue STEM, business and community outreach opportunities; to support Michigan FIRST teams, mentors and volunteers, and to develop a professional network of FIRST supporters at the University of Michigan.

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Mars Rover

A young man measures the rover, which comes up to his knees. It looks like a metal box mounted on a spring suspension over four wheels.The Michigan Mars Rover team (MRover) is a student-run, multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to design, build, and test a rover for the exploration of extraterrestrial environments and to assist astronauts on a mission to Mars. MRover is a competition oriented team whose goal is to win the University Rover Challenge that takes place every year at NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah. Additionally  the team hosts educational outreach events for students of all ages, with our largest and most unique outreach event being the Mars Rover High School Design Challenge. MRover is a unique opportunity for University of Michigan students to learn more about multidisciplinary engineering and space exploration.

MRover Website | MRover Student Team Listing

Michigan Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (MAAV)

A young man's hand bumps a quadrotor in mid-flight, demonstrating how it restabilizes.MAAV strives to be the premiere autonomous aerial vehicle organization at the University of Michigan. It offers students a unique way to expand their knowledge outside the classroom. By competing in the International Aerial Robotics Compoetition, MAAV has found a venue in which to challenge its members to push the limits of their abilities and demonstrate their success on a global stage. MAAV members engage in designing, manufacturing, programming, and testing every aspect of a small, autonomous quadrotor. Members will gain experience and apply skills in areas such as structural design and manufacturing, embedded programming, control theory, navigation and mapping, and computer vision.

MAAV Student Team Listing

Solar Drones

The University of Michigan Solar Drones UAV Team provides the hands-on experience of designing, building and testing unmanned-aerial vehicles to students at the University of Michigan. The team allows an opportunity for the practical development of leadership, teamwork and technical skills outside of the classroom for dedicated and intelligent students. The near-term goal is to design, build and test a solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle capable of 36+ hours of flight, carrying a small camera payload and with less than a 10.5 foot wingspan.

Solar Drones Student Team Listing


A box-like blue robot floats in a shallow pool, fountains running in the background.The purpose of UM::Autonomy is to design and build a water-surface vehicle capable of navigating and performing various naval operations without any human interaction. Meeting this objective requires expertise from multiple fields for tasks such as sensor integration, control system design, hull design, and funding management. The team was created in response to the International Autonomous Surface Vehicle Competition conducted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International and the Office of Naval Research.

UM::Autonomy Website | UM::Autonomy Student Team Listing


An M-Fly student in conversation with a high school student, looking at the M-Fly plane.M-Fly is a Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Design team at the University of Michigan dedicated to promoting opportunities for students to practice applying their knowledge to aerospace [robotics] projects outside the classroom.

“The SAE Aero Design ® Competition challenges engineering students to design, fabricate, and test a radio controlled aircraft that can take off and land while carrying the maximum cargo. This gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom on a practical real world problem.”  -SAE Aero Design

M-Fly Website

Michigan Engineering Zone

mez-1000Located in the University of Michigan’s Detroit Center, the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ) is a safe and supportive forum where Detroit students acquire the knowledge and tools they need to propel themselves to higher education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through challenging and exciting hands-on experiences. The FIRST Robotics teams of 12 Detroit high schools stand center stage at the MEZ. The College of Engineering provides the needed space, equipment, training, and mentoring students needed to design, build, and test their robots for competition. Outfitted with computer labs complete with CAD software, a machine shop, robot testing area, and collaborative workstations, Detroit’s professional engineers and University of Michigan faculty, staff, students, and alumni provide technical training and mentoring within an environment of learning, leadership, teamwork, and fun!

MEZ Detroit Facebook Page | MEZ Detroit Center Page

Intelligent Ground Vehicle Team

The primary mission of this team is to field competition-ready teams in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and related events. The secondary mission of the team is to advocate a hands-on, educational approach to further enlighten students and faculty about intelligent and autonomous systems. The vision of this organization is to serve as a hub of individuals wishing to provide real world impact through robotics and technology by creating the premier competitive robotics team at the University of Michigan. In addition, the organization aims to foster an environment which innovations may be spun off into entrepreneurial ventures for profit or for the public good.

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