Welcome Admitted Students!

In case you can’t make it to visit campus, we’ve put together a few digital resources to help give you a feel for Michigan Robotics.

Also, make sure to sign up for our live presentation and Q&A sessions.

The first to call our new building home

If you come to Michigan, you will be one of the first classes of roboticists to utilize the new Ford Robotics Building.

The first Robotics Department

Beyond an institute, we recognize the importance of the field and have established the first Robotics Department among top-ten engineering schools. By doing so, we will lead in robotics and set the agenda for how robotics will shape society. Come be a part of this effort.

Join us in making the robot revolution serve the people

Read about all the interconnected research that’s happening in our new building, where Michigan roboticists will shape a world where robots empower, instead of imperil, our humanity.

ROB 501

The fundamental mathematics for all roboticists and their research.

Note: Professor Ozay will be teaching 501.

ROB 550

This first-year bootcamp combines hardware and coding to prepare you for advance classes and research.

This typically is arranged into three projects over the semester, such as an arm lab, balance bots, and mazebots.

Our Values

Each member of our community is committed to creating an environment filled with integrity, enthusiasm, and respect.

Robotics professors and graduate students worked to develop Robotics 101: Computational Linear Algebra, that allowed those with no calculus background to get a grounding in robotics in their first undergraduate year. To improve inclusion further, the class brought in students from two historically Black colleges— Morehouse and Spelman in Atlanta, to learn remotely alongside U-M students. 
Student and robot

The University of Michigan Robotics Institute is an ideal place for me to work on advancing the state-of-the-art in robotic perception as part of a community made up of top roboticists.

If I have a question on machine learning, collaborative manipulation, or human-robot interaction, I can tap on the shoulders of top experts in those fields. This diversity in thought is a powerful driver in my own research and for our community.

Michigan Robotics puts people first. Our community is bound by our shared mission to build robots that serve society.

Jana Pavlasek, PhD student

Facilities above and beyond

Fly and test autonomous systems on land, in air, sea, and space with research labs like M-Air, which boasts 30 motion capture cameras and robust testing in outdoor elements.

Approachable faculty

Robotics faculty are collaborative and open to share their range of expertise to students.

A research area for you

With twelve research focus areas, you can apply your skills to serve society wherever your interests lie.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

With world-class schools of medicine, engineering, information, kinesiology, architecture, art & design, business law, and more, our students thrive on collaboration, like this robot docent for U-M Museum of Art, or mind-controlled prosthetics.

Join us for a live Q&A session

We will be holding remote group sessions to introduce ourselves and our program as well as answer any questions you may have.