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Michigan Robotics aims to create a collaborative community of roboticists, where through mutual respect, integrity in action, and transparency in thought, we accelerate socially beneficial advances in robotics.

Graduate programs in Robotics

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Collaborative robotics research

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Cross-disciplinary roboticists

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Jianping Lin defends tomorrow morning, 6/21 at 8am, talking: • control strategies • joint torques • powered exoskel……
The FSS? Farside Seismic Suite. “FSS will return the agency’s first seismic data from the far side of the Moon………
Almost halfway through 2021, what’s happened at Michigan Robotics? New building, new courses, and pushing the poss……

Student-Robot Interaction

From autonomous vehicles in the water, on land, and in the air, to strength enhancing exoskeletons, students come together to put their lessons in action in a variety of ways.