From snakes to wearable robotics, Michigan’s research at ICRA 2020

University of Michigan researchers will present work on topics such as unsupervised learning, motion and path planning, autonomous vehicle navigation, bipedal gaits, wearable robots, and even snakes at next week’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2020.

Originally planned for Paris, the conference will be held remotely this year throughout the summer. It is a premier robotics research showcase, and thanks to conference organizers, there are many opportunities to engage with peers beyond reading PDFs on your own computer, such as joining a Slack channel question and answer session, submitting a video to the funny robot challenge, playing robot trivia, or participating in the women in engineering mentoring event.

The work covers the spectrum of Michigan Robotics’ research focus areas, and illustrates the interdisciplinary effort from multiple departments and schools that furthers the potential for robotics to benefit society.

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