Michigan highlights at IROS 2020

audience looks on at a robotics presentation

The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) is free to access this year, giving anyone a look into the latest robotics research. Presentations and workshops will be on-demand, starting October 25th, allowing attendees to view the research they desire at any time.


From Michigan, there are several faculty participating in workshops, including:


In addition, several students and researchers are presenting their work:

  • Low Latency Trajectory Predictions for Interaction Aware Highway Driving
    Cyrus Anderson, Ram Vasudevan, Matthew Johnson-Roberson
    [arXiv] [IEEE Xplore] [code]
  • Polylidar – Polygons From Triangular Meshes
    Jeremy Castagno, Ella Atkins
    [IEEE Xplore] [code]
  • Parts-based articulated object localization in clutter using belief propagation
    Jana Pavlasek, Stanley Lewis, Karthik Desingh, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
    [arXiv] [video] [talk] [website
  • TSBP: Tangent space belief propagation for manifold learning
    Thomas Cohn, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, Karthik Desingh, Zhen Zeng
    [IEEE Xplore] [video] [website]
  • Monocular Depth Prediction through Continuous 3D Loss
    Minghan Zhu, Maani Ghaffari, Yuanxin Zhong, Pingping Lu, Zhong Cao, Ryan M. Eustice, Huei Peng
    [arXiv] [video] [code]
  • Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing and Teaming with Gaussian Distributed Energy Uncertainty
    Bo Fu, William Smith, Denise Rizzo, Matthew Castanier, Kira Barton
    [arXiv] [video]
  • Image Transformation and CNNs: A Strategy for Encoding Human Locomotor Intent for Autonomous Wearable Robots
    Ung Hee Lee, Justin Bi, Rishi Patel, David Fouhey, Elliott Rouse
    [IEEE Xplore] [code to be released at Michigan AI Symposium]
  • Unsupervised Pedestrian Pose Prediction — A deep predictive coding network-based approach for autonomous vehicle perception
    Xiaoxiao Du, Ram Vasudevan, Matthew Johnson-Roberson
    [IEEE Xplore] [video] [talk] [code
  • SilhoNet-Fisheye: Adaptation of A ROI Based Object Pose Estimation Network to Monocular Fisheye Images
    Gideon Billings, Matthew Johnson-Roberson
    [arXiv] [IEEE Xplore] [IROS Video Link]