Datasets and Code

As part of a leading public research institution, Michigan Robotics researchers proudly share their work for others to test and build upon. Examples of this downloadable work are available here, sorted by lab.


A visual fiducial system, useful for a wide variety of tasks including augmented reality, robotics, and camera calibration.

April Robotics Toolkit

Unmaintaned toolkit that includes camera calibration and visualization software.

Biped Robotics Github Set

Feedback control of bipedal robots, especially the Cassie model from Agility Robotics.

UM Ford Center for Autonomous Vehicles

FCAV GitHub Set

Autonomous vehicle research in real and virtual worlds.

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Corso Research Group


The largest task-oriented, instructional video dataset in the vision community. It contains 2000 long untrimmed videos from 89 cooking recipes.

A2D: Actor-Action Dataset

A dataset to support a broad class of video understanding problems: action recognition, actor-class recognition, multi-label actor/action recognition, actor-action semantic segmentation.

Click-Here CNNs

A convolutional neural network that integrates keypoint information with activations from the layers that process the image.

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Chimpanzee Musculoskeletal Model

A model for estimating the force- and moment-generating capacity of the major pelvis and hind limb muscles in the chimpanzee.

Human Musculoskeletal Model

A below-knee amputee model that accounts for the altered anatomy and the socket-limb interface dynamic.

Optimal Control Simulation in OpenSim

An approach for generating optimal control simulations using OpenSim & MATLAB.

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NeuRRo Nav

Unity-based neural navigation software which uses an OptiTrack Trio 3D camera.

NeuRRo Drive

A low cost driving simulator, which can be used to capture driving reaction times under normal conditions and cognitive loads.

Bland-Altman plot creator

Creates manuscript quality Bland-Altman plots from excel data files.

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Ford Campus Vision and Lidar Data Set

This dataset is a part of the project active safety situational awareness for automotive vehicles. 

North Campus Long-Term Vision and LIDAR Dataset

This dataset was collected over the course of 27 sessions over 16 months.

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Hybrid Dynamical Simulation

A toolbox capable of simulating controlled hybrid systems.

Switched System Optimal Control

This toolbox contains a numerical optimal control method for constrained nonlinear switched dynamical systems with input.

Robust Typological Descriptors

This toolbox contains a numerical optimal control method for constrained nonlinear switched dynamical systems with input.

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