Core Faculty:

Atkins, Ella

Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Fault-tolerant sensing, reasoning, and acting to support safe, autonomous flight. Director of the Autonomous Aerospace Systems Lab, focusing on software-enabled autonomous flight with platforms including Flying Fish, Solar Sight, and flapping and fixed-wing craft endowed with comprehensive embedded aerodynamic sensing.

Faculty Profile | Autonomous Aerospace Systems (A2Sys) Lab Website | YouTube Video | Google Scholar

Barton, Kira

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Learning, precision coordination and motion control for multi agent systems with applications for manufacturing and autonomous robots, cooperative and vision-based control for autonomous robotic systems.

Faculty Profile | Lab Website | Google Scholar

Dimitry Berenson

Berenson, Dmitry

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Creation/development of algorithms that allow robots to interact with the world and collaborate efficiently with people. Drawing on ideas in search, optimization, control theory, and topology to develop these planning algorithms and to prove their properties.

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Cynthia Chestek

Chestek, Cynthia

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Implantable brain machine interfaces, neural control of prosthetic limbs and other assistive technology.

Faculty Profile | Chestek Lab | Google Scholar

Jason Corso

Corso, Jason

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer vision, cognitive system learning, robot interaction, mapping, tabletop robotics.

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Eustice, Ryan

Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Computer vision and image processing, Bayesian filtering and smoothing, simultaneous localization and mapping.

Faculty Profile | Perceptual Robotics Laboratory | Google Scholar

Peter Gaskell

Gaskell, Peter

Lecturer, Robotics Institute

Peter Gaskell is a Research & Development Engineer for the Robotics Institute and a laboratory instructor for ROB550 Robotics Systems Laboratory course. In addition to teaching, he designs and builds robotics platforms for both education and research. He has worked in a wide array of research labs in diverse fields such as Astrophysics, Atomic Optics, Nanoelectronics, Materials Science and Robotics. He is the co-founder and principle designer for a professional audio company and has designed equipment used to record multiple Grammy Award winning albums. He is also on the technical advisory board for a Montréal based start-up focused on using nanomaterials to improve sound quality and efficiency of transducers for the consumer electronics industry. He holds a BS in Physics from the University of Oregon, and earned his MEng and PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGill University where his dissertation focussed on advanced nanomaterials for lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries.

Deanna Gates

Gates, Deanna

Associate Professor, Movement Science; Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Powered prostheses; human-robot interaction; outcomes assessment;
3-d movement analysis.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Gillespie, Brent

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Physical human-robot interaction, haptic interface, wearable robots.

Faculty Profile | HaptiX Lab | Google Scholar

Grizzle, Jessy

Director of the Robotics Institute; Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor; Jerry and Carol Levin Professor of Engineering; Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Bipedal locomotion, feedback control, nonlinear systems, CPS for robots and automotive systems.

Faculty Profile | Profile Story | Faculty Website | Control Systems Laboratory | Dynamic Leg Locomotion YouTube Channel | Google Scholar

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins

Jenkins, Chad

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Mobile manipulation, computer vision, interactive robot systems, human-robot interaction.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | On National Geographic Live

Johnson-Roberson, Matthew

Associate Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Computer vision, field robotics, 3D reconstruction.

Faculty Profile | Deep Robot Optical Perception Lab Website | YouTube Playlist | Google Scholar

Koren, Yoram

James J. Duderstadt Distinguished University Professor (emeritus); Professor (emeritus), Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing system automation, adaptive control, mobile autonomous robots, semi-autonomous wheelchairs, navigation for blind users.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | NSF Engineering Research Center for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems | CARMEL Robot featured on CNN | Google Scholar

C. Krishnan

Krishnan, Chandramouli

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Kinesiology), Biomedical Engineering

Rehabilitation robotics, passive robots, wearable and mobile devices, low-cost technologies, neural plasticity, motor control.

Faculty Profile | NeuRRo Lab | Google Scholar

Benjamin Kuipers

Kuipers, Benjamin

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Representation, learning, and using foundational domains of commonsense knowledge, including space, objects, actions, and morality and ethics.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Intelligent Robotics Lab | The Conversation: Ethical Robots | Google Scholar

Olson, Edwin

Computer Science and Engineering

Machine perception, clustering and classification, tracking, navigation, planning, and map building. Director of APRIL and leader of Team Michigan which recently won the 2010 MAGIC competition.

Faculty Profile | APRIL Robotics Laboratory | Meet Prof. Olson Video | Google Scholar

Ozay, Necmiye

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Control, optimization and formal methods with applications in cyber-physical system design, system identification, verification and validation, autonomy and vision.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Dimitra Panagou

Panagou, Dimitra

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Motion planning, coordination and control; robotic networks; autonomous multi-vehicle systems; nonlinear systems and control; navigation and guidance; distributed/decentralized control; dynamic coverage.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Remy, C. David

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

The Robotics and Motion Laboratory studies the design, optimization, and control of legged robots, rehabilitation devices, and other systems that exhibit natural dynamic motions.

Faculty Profile | Robotics and Motion Laboratory | Prof. Remy on Saturday Morning Physics | Google Scholar

Revzen, Shai

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Study of bio-inspired robotics and new methods and mechanisms for control. Scientific study of animal and human locomotion based on nonlinear dynamical systems, and application to design of legged robotic vehicles and other devices.

Faculty Profile | Biologically Inspired Robotics and Dynamical Systems Lab | Google Scholar

Lionel Robert

Robert, Lionel

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information

Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, teamwork with robots, collaborative autonomous robots, teleoperation, human-autonomy/robot interaction. By way of introduction, I am an Associate Professor in the School of Information (UMSI) at the University of Michigan and a core faculty member of Michigan Robotics (Robotics). I am the director of the Michigan Autonomous Vehicle Research Intergroup Collaboration (MAVRIC). I am also an affiliate of the Michigan Interactive and Social Computing (MISC) Research Group. My research in the area of human robot collaboration typically involves understanding how to facilitate more effective collaborations between humans and robots. Below you will find links to my two areas of study as they relate to human robot collaborations along with several grants and funded research projects associated with both areas.

Robotics Research Areas:

Area 1: Teamwork with Robotics

Area 2: Human Autonomous Vehicle Interaction

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Rouse, Elliott

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Precision machine design, development of robotic prostheses / exoskeletons, estimation of limb and joint mechanical impedance, neural control of locomotion, biomechanics.

Faculty Profile | Neurobionics Lab | Google Scholar |

Sarter, Nadine

Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Design and evaluation of multimodal (including touch) displays, human error and error management, attention/interruption management, and the design of decision support systems. Wide range of application domains, including aerospace operations, military operations, medicine, and car cockpits.

Faculty Profile | The Human-Automation Interaction and Cognition Laboratory | Brief video lecture

Tilbury, Dawn

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Control of manufacturing systems, teleoperation of small ground robots, shared control of robots between humans and autonomy, human-robot interaction.

Faculty Profile | Tilbury Research Group | Google Scholar

Ulsoy, Galip

C.D. Mote Jr. Distinguished University Professor; William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Deputy Director, NSF Engineering Research Center for Reconfigurable Machining Systems

Modeling, analysis and control of mechanical systems, including vehicle and robot control.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Automotive Research Center | Prof. Ulsoy's YouTube Channel | Google Scholar

Ram Vasudevan

Vasudevan, Ram

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Optimization and control of nonlinear and hybrid dynamical systems, locomotion of legged robots, shared control active safety systems, techniques to automate diagnostic and rehabilitative tasks.

Faculty Profile | Robotics and Optimization for Analysis of Human Motion Lab | Google Scholar

Affiliate Faculty:

Awtar, Shorya

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Precision engineering; mechatronics; flexure mechanisms; high-precision high-bandwidth motion systems for applications in nanometrology and nanomanufacturing; MEMS sensors and actuators; minimally invasive surgery.

Faculty Profile | Precision Systems Design Laboratory | YouTube Video

Shan Bao

Bao, Shan

Associate Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Associate Research Scientist, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Ann Arbor

Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies, Human Factors, Bid Data, Driver Behavior Modeling, Vulnerable Road Users, and User Interface.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Baveja, Satinder Singh

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Reinforcement learning and planning approaches to building artificial agents that can learn from experience to act autonomously in complex, stochastic, and partially-known environments.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | YouTube Course

James Cutler

Cutler, James

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Robotic exploration of space with emphasis on design optimization, sensor systems, communication networks, and novel nanosatellite missions.

Faculty Profile | Michigan Exploration Laboratory | Google Scholar

Durfee, Ed

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering; Co-director, Technology Increasing Knowledge: Technology Optimizing Choice (TIKTOC), U-M Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

Intelligent coordination among multiple autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Director of the Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles (RAV) M. Eng. Degree program at Integrative Systems + Design Division (ISD).

Faculty Profile | Distributed Intelligent Agents Group Website | YouTube Video

Tulga Ersal

Ersal, Tulga

Associate Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering

Autonomous vehicles, teleoperation, system dynamics and control, multibody dynamics, energy management, mathematical modeling.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Ghaffari Jadidi, Maani

Assistant Research Scientist, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

My research interests mainly include applied mathematics, robotic perception, machine learning, and planning under uncertainty with applications in robotics and autonomous systems.

Faculty Website | Google Scholar | Mobile Robotics Course

Girard, Anouck

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Nonlinear control and systems engineering with applications to unmanned vehicle systems, and Director of the Michigan/AFRL Collaborative Center in Control Sciences.

Faculty Profile | Aerospace, Robotics, and Controls (ARC) Laboratory | Google Scholar

Griffin, Brent

Assistant Research Scientist, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Active perception, bipedal locomotion, control optimization and signal processing, computer vision.

Faculty Profile | Brent's Website | Google Scholar

Jin, Judy

Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Statistical methods for quality and reliability engineering with the focus on distributed sensing, dynamic system modeling, online monitoring and diagnosis, and optimal decision-making for improving system design, operations, and maintenance strategies.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website

Kamat, Vineet

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Collaborative autonomous robots for construction, inspection, and maintenance of civil infrastructure.

Faculty Profile | Laboratory for Interactive Visualization in Engineering (LIVE) | YouTube Channel | Google Scholar

Stephane Lafortune

Lafortune, Stephane

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

System and control theory; discrete event systems; cyber-physical systems. Supervisory control, fault diagnosis, security and privacy in control systems. Formal methods of control. Application to automated and autonomous systems, multi-agent systems, software systems, and computer systems.

Google Scholar

Laird, John

John L. Tishman Professor of Engineering; Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Autonomous intelligent robots, integration of robotic and cognitive architecture, interactive task learning.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Walter Lasecki

Lasecki, Walter

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering; Assistant Professor, School of Information

Crowdsourcing, human computation, Human-in-the-Loop Robotics, intelligent systems and scene understanding and annotation.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Hong Lak Lee

Lee, Honglak

Morris Wellman Faculty Development Assistant Professor; Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Artificial intelligence, signal and image processing, robotics and computer vision.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Lee, SangHyun

Associate Professor and John L. Tishman Faculty Scholar, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Human Robot Collaboration in Construction, Markerless Motion Capture, Brain Robot Interface

Faculty Profile | Dynamic Project Management | Google Scholar

Wes Mcgee

McGee, Wes

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Material Performance (Architecture and Urban Planning)

Robotic applications in architecture and construction, large-scale digital fabrication, offline simulation tool development, online control and sensing, algorithmic and parametric design workflows.

Faculty Profile | matterdesign website | Google Scholar

Ms. Rada Mihalcea

Mihalcea, Rada

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Natural language processing, computational social sciences, multimodal tracking and understanding of human behavior. Human-Robot interaction.

Faculty Website

Mark Moldwin

Moldwin, Mark

Professor, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Magnetometer and integrated sensor development for localization and navigation, with applications for indoor, underground, underwater and other GPS denied environments.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Mower Provost, Emily

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Audio-visual modeling of human behavior focusing on emotion. Focus on assistive speech-based technologies.

Faculty Profile | Computational Human-Centered Analysis and Integration Laboratory Website | Google Scholar

Lauro Lojeda

Ojeda, Lauro

Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering

Research interests include mobile robotics, position estimation, sensor fusion, simulation , adaptive systems, control systems and digital signal processing. This research enables projects in the fields of accurate localization and tracking systems for mobile robots and humans.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Oldham, Kenn

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Design, fabrication, dynamics, sensing, and control of microscale systems, including autonomous, millimeter-scale micro-robots.

Faculty Profile | Microdynamics Laboratory: Microsystems | Google Scholar

Orosz, Gabor

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Connected and automated vehicles, ground robots, networks and complex systems, nonlinear dynamics and control, time-delay systems.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Video: Ground Robotics Experiment | Google Scholar

Peng, Huei

Roger L. McCarthy Professor; Professor, Mechanical Engineering; US Director, US-China Clean Energy Research Center-Clean Vehicle Consortium

Adaptive and optimal control, particularly for energy systems, including hybrid vehicles and small robots.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center | Prof. Peng speaks at Robotics Day 2014 | Google Scholar

Reed, Matthew

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; Research Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Human motion tracking and simulation; grasp modeling; computational modeling of perception, cognition, and motor action; driving monitoring and simulation.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Jennifer Robertson

Robertson, Jennifer

Professor, Anthropology and History of Art (LSA)

Human-robot coexistence and interaction, especially as visualized and practiced in Japan (and East Asia more generally); robot rights vs. human rights; robot ethics; robot design; gendering robots and robot gender (especially humanoids); robot therapy and robot caregivers.

Faculty Profile

Stein, Jeffrey

Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Associate Director, Automotive Research Center

Systems and control including machine design, control, monitoring, and diagnostics; physical system modeling; automated modeling; bond graph theory; proper modeling of active suspensions; proper vehicle handling and ride models; high efficiency dynamic formulations for vehicle dynamics.

Faculty Profile | Automotive Research Center | Google Scholar

Umberger, Brian

Professor, Movement Science

Bipedal locomotion, biomechanics, energetics, optimal control, computer modeling and simulation, motion analysis.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar |
Locomotion Research Laboratory

Weiland, James

Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Retinal Prosthesis for the Blind, Computer Vision for Low-Vision Assistance, Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Electrophysiology, Multi-Sensory Integration.

Faculty Profile | Prof. Weiland's Website

Jessie Yang

Yang, Xi Jessie

Assistant Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Human-autonomy/robot interaction, primarily focused on modeling human users' trust in automation/robots and designing interfaces that facilitate trust calibration and HAI/HRI team performance.

Faculty Profile | Faculty Website | Google Scholar

Zhang, Zhengya

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Embedded hardware and accelerator design for machine learning and robotics.

Faculty Profile


Edmund, Denise

Graduate Program Coordinator, Robotics Institute

Denise Edmund is the Robotics Institute Graduate Coordinator. Denise earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Michigan. Prior to her role at the Robotics Institute Denise worked in the Office of Academic Records & Dissertations at Rackham Graduate School. Contact Denise with any graduate student recruiting, admissions, and advising questions. Outside of the office Denise enjoys exercising and spending time with her husband, 2 kids, and large extended family.

Mann, Kimberly

Unit Administrator, Robotics Institute

Kimberly Mann is the Robotics Institute Unit Administrator. Prior to her role as Unit Administrator, Kimberly worked as a research administrator for the Computer Science and Engineering Division at U-M, and as a program coordinator for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs’ Van of Enchantment (now Wonders on Wheels Mobile Museum) prior to that. She holds a MS in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico, and is a Certified Research Administrator. Outside the office Kimberly can be found on the volleyball court, cooking up a storm, and spending time with her family.

Dan Newman

Newman, Dan

Communications Specialist, Robotics Institute

(734) 763-2873

Dan Newman is the Robotics Institute Communications Specialist. Most recently, Dan developed content for Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. In the past, Dan has created corporate sustainability reports, Motley Fool articles, and the Detroit Institute of Bagels. Please reach out to Dan if you have news, events, accomplishments or failures to share!

Provost, Damen

Managing Director, Robotics Institute

Damen Provost is the Managing Director of the Robotics Institute at the University of Michigan. Mr. Provost has project management and systems engineering experience on a wide range of NASA, DOD, commercial, and university autonomous vehicle and satellite systems. Prior to this position, Mr. Provost was the senior project manager at the Space Physics Research Laboratory and the University of Michigan Project Manager for NASA’s 8 microsatellite Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS), launched in December 2016. He has held leadership positions within the aerospace industry and the United States Air Force. He holds a BS in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Rochester and MS in Space Systems from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Webber, Stasi

Administrative Assistant, Robotics Institute

Stasi Webber is the Robotics Administrative Assistant. Prior to this role Stasi was a stay at home mom. She is glad to be back in the workforce and working with Robotics! Outside of the office she enjoys spending her time with her 2 kids and working out.


Achar, Madhav

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I received my Bachelor's degree at U of M in computer engineering and worked for 3 years immediately after at Bosch as a software engineer developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). My research interests include path planning and decision making for autonomous vehicles.

Mohie Amine

Amine, Mohie

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I earned my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut. My research interests lie in control and vision implementations on autonomous vehicles and manufacturing robots. My past projects include laser pointer positioning by vision feedback, designing of a package handling end-effector, and installation of actuators on an electric vehicle in preparation for autonomous operation. I plan to build upon that experience during my Master's studies at UofM.

Anderson, Cyrus

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

My background is in applied mathematics and economics, and my research interests are in multiagent systems and sequential decision making. In other time I like to practice Japanese and cook.

Ashai, Zaid

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I earned my BS in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. My research interests include legged robots, humanoid robots, prosthetics and BMI's, and nonlinear robotic control.

Azevedo Sa, Hebert

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. My bachelor's degree was in Electronic Engineering, and my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I am an officer of the Brazilian Army and I have worked in the Defense Industry for six years. In my master's thesis, I proposed a semi-autonomous controller for an Armored Personnel Carrier (a type of military vehicle). My research interests include, but are not limited to: Control of Dynamic Systems (in particular, autonomous and semi-autonomous ground vehicles), Applied Computational Intelligence and Human-Machine Interaction.

Billings, Gideon

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I have a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from University of Michigan. My research is in underwater robotics with a focus in computer vision, machine learning, and manipulation.

Brian Bittner

Bittner, Brian

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

I am a first year Robotics Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan. I'm interested in reduced-order control architectures. What structure in a system's dynamics or geometric composition might enable sensible ways to build up mechanical complexity while maintaining physically intuitive control schemes?

Alexandra Carlson

Carlson, Alexandra

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I attended the University of Chicago, where I studied computational neuroscience and physics. My current research focuses on robust computer vision for autonomous vehicles, specifically on realistic noise modeling in images.

Jeremy Castagno

Castagno, Jeremy

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am a first year Robotics PhD student who has returned to school after working 3 years as a control systems engineer. My research interests revolve around safety systems for autonomous machines and more specifically robust decision making using MDP (Markov Decision Process). I am familiar with many control systems, safety systems, and general control technology. I am proficient in more than a dozen programming languages and am an active learner.

Chen, Xiaotong

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I start my Ph.D track in 2018 in 4Progress lab led by Prof. Chad, Jenkins with an emphasis on Perception for Manipulation. Previously, I finished Bachelor in Computer Science in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), where I focused on research of Soft Robotics.

Cho, Youngwoo

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a Robotics MS student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. I worked at Purdue Applied Optics Lab with Professor Bae during the summer of 2016, developing a low power light detection interface with a smartphone. The following summer, I worked with Professor Barton at U of M, creating an interface between a UGV and a localization sensor through ROS. For the summer of 2018, I am working at Akervall Technologies Inc, developing an Android application for data vizualization. I am interested in software development and electronic hardware design that can improve people's lives. In my spare time, I play ukulele.

Chopra, Parth

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Parth is a Master's candidate in the Robotics program. His research interests include the domains of robotic perception, motion planning and collaborative robotics. He completed a Bachelor's in Engineering Physics from DTU, Delhi in 2016, and worked with service robots at ISR Lisbon before coming to Michigan. He is currently interning at Magna International, developing software for industrial robot applications.

Chrobak, Laura

MS Student, Robotics Institute

University of California, Berkeley BS Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan, PhD pre-candidate Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Areas of research include: autonomous surface vehicles, visual inertial odometrey

Coller, James

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a PhD student in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering focusing on evaluating how to better integrate autonomous platforms into the fleet. I am working on my MS in Robotics to gain further understanding of unmanned platforms. I have also earned an MSE and BSE in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Michigan. I currently work in the Perceptual Robotics Lab (PeRL) under Professor Ryan Eustice and the Advanced Naval Concepts Research lab (ANCR) under Professor David Singer.

Nathaniel Cox

Cox, Nathaniel

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the University of Alaska Anchorage in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. Working in the LIVE and SICIS laboratories with Professors Vineet Kamat and Carol Menassa, my research focuses on methods to implement robotics for the sustainable and intelligent construction of infrastructure.

Sidhartha Dey

Dey, Sidhartha

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I received my Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. My research interests are humanoid and underactuated robotics, computer vision and path planning.

Dhanjal, Sahib

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a second year robotics graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in 2016, after which I experienced a brief but enjoyable stint at ExxonMobil Corporation. In the past few years I have worked on many independent projects alongside my formal education, with projects ranging from full blown formula SAE cars to autonomous multi-agent systems. My research interests include perception and planning, deep learning, and mobile robotics.

Profile placeholder image

Diriba, Tigist

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

Tigist is a recent graduate of Northwestern University (Spring 2016) where he obtained a BS/MS in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. As a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, he is interested in applying computer vision and machine learning to some of the challenges of robotic autonomy. Apart from working on exciting projects, he also enjoys biking when the weather permits and exploring parts of Ann Arbor as a relatively new resident.

Kevin French

French, Kevin

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a BS in electrical engineering. Now I am pursuing my Ph.D. in robotics. In the 4Progress lab I research algorithms that produce meaningful interpretations of the perceived world. These interpretations are then used to perform complex task such as manipulation of objects in a cluttered environment. My interest lie in applying such intelligent systems to the domain of space robotics for the purpose of commercialization of space.

Gan Lu

Gan, Lu

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am currently a PhD candidate in Michigan Robotics, working with Professor Ryan Eustice and Professor Jessy Grizzle on robotic perception. My research interests include computer vision and machine learning. Specifically, I focus on semantic simultaneous localization and mapping for legged and mobile robots.

Glenn, Tyler

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I have been employed at Ford Motor Company since 2015, currently working on regulatory compliance and industry standardization of certain aspects of autonomous vehicles. I am interested in perception for autonomous vehicles. My hobbies include chocolate-making, baking and photography.

Gong, Peiyan

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am second year MS student focusing on perception in autonomous driving application. My interests are classic probability theory, computer vision and camera-Lidar fusion system. Love reading, snowboarding and traveling.

Gong, Yukai

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I received my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan and Bachelor's degree in Navel Architecture and Marine Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. I am working on legged locomotion and is advised by Professor Jessy Grizzle.

Gonzalez, Michael

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm Michael Gonzalez, an adventurer, a geek, a communicator, and an aspiring roboticist. I love to collaborate and be a part of the community, and hope to create robotic solutions that help people around the world. Since childhood I've been fascinated by sci-fi and reality alike when it comes to using robots as an extension of human ability, leading to a research focus on prosthetics under Dr. Deanna Gates.

Haggenmiller, Acshi

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am interested in the intersection of computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, especially where the design of components in each discipline contributes to an intelligent robotic system. I graduated from Yale University in 2017 with a double major in CS and ME, while also learning EE on the side. At the University of Michigan I intend to use and expand my knowledge of each, focusing specifically on algorithms and techniques for autonomous vehicles, including machine learning, computer vision, and path planning.

Harris, Rachel

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a Robotics M.S. student at the University of Michigan. I previously received my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. My research interests include rehabilitative robotics and robotic prosthetics as well as guidance, navigation, and control for autonomous vehicles.

Ross Hartley

Hartley, Ross

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

Ross is a PhD student working on biped robot control and is advised by Professor Jessy Grizzle. He received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His research interests include control systems, legged robots, and computer vision.

Bruce Huang

Huang, Bruce JK

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am a Robotics PhD student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and advised by Professor Jessy Grizzle. I have done research and project in a wide variety of areas such as deep learning for autonomous vehicles on perception, SimultaneousLocalization and Mapping (SLAM) and 3D reconstruction, etc. Now I focus on Cassie Blue to let her be able to see our beautiful world! In my free time, I'm a professional photographer. I do weddings, personal portraits and landscapes as well. I also a foodie and love traveling 😉 More information please visit my personal website: Or the lab website:

Israni, Sagar

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a Master’s student in Robotics at the University of Michigan. My research interests include navigation, planning, co-ordination and control of autonomous multi-vehicle systems. I earned my B.E. degree in Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering from University of Delhi, India. Before joining the Robotics program, I was a part of the R&D team at Grey Orange Robotics and worked on the development of mobile multi-robot systems and sortation systems for optimized order fulfillment at eCommerce industry warehouses.

Kim, Hwang Ji

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Robotics MS Interested in Biomimetics & Design

Craig Knuth

Knuth, Craig

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I come to the University of Michigan from UW-Madison where I majored in Mathematics and Computer Science with a Certificate in Physics. I enjoy problems in algorithms and probability and am interested in pursuing problems in control, specifically correct-by-construction, and motion planning.

Krogius, Max

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm working with Prof. Ed Olson on mobile robotics and self driving cars. Previously I was a software engineer at Google and before that I did my undergrad in Physics at McGill University.

Kuevor, Prince

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

First year PhD student in the Robotics department. I'm interested in multi-agent control and optimization especially applied to aerospace vehicles and systems.

Lemmer, Stephan

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

Stephan is a robotics PhD student working in in Jason Corso's computer vision lab. Previously, he worked on various Connected/Autonomous vehicle systems at Southwest Resarch Institute. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a Master's degree in Applied-Industrial Mathematics from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Kevin Lieberman

Lieberman, Kevin

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

Kevin Lieberman is a Robotics PhD Candidate with research interests in human-robot interaction, human factors, and cognitive ergonomics. His research focuses on trust and transparency in complex, high-risk, high-tempo systems, such as aerospace and military systems. His advisor is Professor Nadine Sarter. A member of The Human-Automation Interaction and Cognition Lab, Kevin was awarded a 2016 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship from the Department of Defense and a 2016 Lawrence C. Fortier Memorial Scholarship from the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). Kevin graduated with departmental distinction in mechanical engineering from Duke University.

Yuchi Lin

Lin, Yu-Chi

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm a PhD student in Robotics, University of Michigan, dedicated to robotics research and works. I am now working in Autonomous Robotic Manipulation Laboratory at the University of Michigan. My research topics include but not limited to humanoid locomotion planning, general motion planning, robot arm manipulations, 3D perceptions, and system integrations. I welcome every new possibility to explore new fileds in Robotics, Control Application, AI and Machine Learning.

Liu, Jinsun

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I gain my Bachelor's and Master's degrees both in Electronic Engineering, and my interest lies in infinite dimensional optimization problem, vehicle routing problem, nonlinear system control, and autonomous vehicle control. I'm now working as a member of Roahm Lab.

Joseph Lowman

Lowman, Joseph

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Joseph is a first-year master's student. He earned his bachelors in mechanical engineering from MIT. His research interests include robotic manipulation, path planning, and autonomous vehicles. A native of the SF bay area, Joseph enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active.

Lu, Shiyang

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I'm a second-year master student at U-M. I earned my bachelor's degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in ocean engineering. My research interests include computer vision, machine learning, perception, and reasoning for robots. Currently, I'm working in the 4PROGRESS lab with Prof. Chad Jenkins.

Ruikun Luo

Luo, Ruikun

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

I am a Ph.D student at the Interaction & Collaboration Research Lab (ICRL) at University of Michigan. My research interest is human robot interaction/collaboration and machine learning. My research goal is to study how to use machine learning to understand human and how robot makes decision based on the inferred behavior of human. Prior to joining ICRL, I completed my B.S in Mechanical Engineering and Automation in Tsinghua University, China and M.S in Mechanical Engineering in Carnegie Mellon University, US.

Joshua Mangelson

Mangelson, Joshua

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

I am a PhD student working on autonomous ship hull inspection with Ryan Eustice in the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory. My research interests include robotic perception, state estimation, sensor fusion, and path planning. Specific application areas I am interested in include autonomous underwater vehicles, mobile robotics, and computer vision. I received my B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University and my M.S. degree in Robotics from the University of Michigan.

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McConachie, Dale

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

Dale's research interest include machine learning, controls, and motion planning. He is currently working on applying ideas from these fields to deformable object manipulation and related topics. In particular Dale is interested in algorithms that enable robots to perform tasks such as folding clothes, or making a bed, that are easy for humans to master, but are extremely challenging for robots. Dale graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with both college and university honors, and is also the recipient of the Frank J. Marshall Scholar Award.

McHale, Peter

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I graduated with my bachelors and masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2015, and have been working and studying in the South-Eastern Michigan area since. I am finishing up a masters in Robotics at the University of Michigan, doing research in stereo vision localization, and having taken classes in computer vision, localization, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning. I worked at Ford for two years, between 2015-2017, with the last year being on the tracking team in the Virtual Driver System department working on autonomous vehicles. I then moved over to working at Argo for a year, starting on the localization team and ending on the calibration team. I currently work at May Mobility, where I am a Perception Robotics Engineer.

Sean Messenger

Messenger, Sean M.

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I work on multi-agent field robotics with Prof. Edwin Olson in the APRIL Lab. My research focus is on the localization side of robotics, with emphasis on leveraging advantages of a multi-agent system. I graduated with a B.S. in Engineering and Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College and grew up in the Seattle area. In my free time: I volunteer with and mentor high school students for FIRST; work on home projects; and officiate middle school and high school volleyball matches.

Messing, Julie

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Julie graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2016 with a double major in Systems Engineering and Finance. She has professional experience as a Technology Consultant at Accenture where she worked on implementing Oracle HCM Cloud. Julie's research interests include human-computer interaction, motion planning, and control systems. Personal interests include traveling, playing guitar, and photography.

Mitrano, Peter

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

My research focus is in the intersection of planning and learning for robotic manipulation. I have also dabbled in machine learning in music, and swarm robotics. I'm an avid rock climbing and a casual musician.

Navin, Siddarth Ratapani

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Siddharth received his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. During his undergraduate days, he worked on developing software in the areas of Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. He is currently interning at the Toyota Research Institute in the field of Vehicle Perception for self driving cars. His fields of interests include: Autonomous Vehicles, Deep Learning, Sensor Fusion, and Algorithms.

Ochoa, Cosme

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am a member of the Autonomous Aerospace Systems (A2Sys) Lab with Professor Ella Atkins as my mentoring advisor. I hold a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology from MIT and have transition into a PhD in Robotics at the University of Michigan. My current work focuses on trajectory modeling and prediction for guidance and navigation of autonomous sUAS in response to system failures and dynamic environments. My research interests include path planing and decision making for autonomous aerial vehicles using sensor and non-traditional data fusion.

Jana Pavlasek

Pavlasek, Jana

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am a PhD student in the Robotics program at the University of Michigan. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I am a member of the Lab for Progress, supervised by Chad Jenkins. My research interests include reasoning under uncertainty in complex environments and machine learning for robotics.

Peterson, Brandon

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Brandon received a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Florida. He works with Elliott Rouse in the Neurobionics Lab, exploring his interests in the design and control of assistive and wearable robotics. He is currently interning at The Institute for Human and Machine Cognition as an exoskeleton software engineer.

Power, Tom

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I’m a PhD student in the Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) Lab. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2016. After this, I worked in industry for two years as a robotics and controls engineer. My research interests include motion planning, machine learning, interactive perception and control for manipulation tasks.

Daphna Raz

Raz, Daphna

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am a first year Ph.D student advised by Professor Ram Vasudevan and Professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson. I received my Masters from the Department of Performing Arts Technology, also at Michigan, where I was advised by Professor Sile O'Modhrain and Lauro Ojeda. During my Masters, I focused on building gesture-based controllers for musical performance. My current research interests include automated analysis of human biomechanics, computer vision, and verification of machine learning models.

Romano, Matthew

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

Matthew is a first year Robotics PhD Student working with Professor Ella Atkins in the Autonomous Aerospace Systems Lab. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and minor in Computer Science. His research interests include computer vision, data fusion, path planning, and multi-agent systems.

Saund, Brad

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Afterwards, I worked for Amazon as a software engineer, and Electroimpact where I built robots that build airplanes.I received my Master's of Robotics from Carnegie Mellon while working on touch localization and manipulation in confined spaces. Currently, my research focuses on manipulation of deformable objects.

Searle, Christine

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I completed a B.A. in Psychology and Computer Science with minors in French and History from Indiana University before working at General Motors for four years in business products workflow application development and backend subscription billing systems. I am interested in robotic reasoning and ethics. Outside of school, my hobbies include playing the cello and juggling.

Selvaraju Jayakala, Sindhu

MS Student, Robotics Institute

My bachelor's degree was in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, and had worked as a Software Automation Test Engineer for about four years. CurrentIy, I am doing my dual Masters at the University of Michigan, in Space Engineering(MEng) and Robotics(MS). I have also been part of project teams such as BLiSS and MiTEE. My area of interest includes space robotics, machine vision, autonomous systems, smart space systems.

Rishi Nath Senthil

Senthil, Rishi Nath

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am currently pursuing my degree in M.S.Robotics with a focus on Reasoning. Unlike the other two, Sensing and Acting (although these are crucial too!), I believe this field has the potential to create my ideal robot - capable of understanding, reasoning and appropriately maneuvering around any situation with next to no human input. I am also a very social person. I have a strong desire for helping our human community to grow to new heights. My ultimate goal is to put a robot in every corner of society to help accomplish a myriad of things, ranging from ensuring the proper functioning of a country's civil system to notifying a grandma of her misplaced valuables.

Sharma, Prashin

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

My research focuses on contingency planning for aerial vehicles which are used in applications such as urban air taxi's or parcel delivery. I am particularly interested in multi-rotor vehicles and their control in event of failure.

Katherine Skinner

Skinner, Katherine

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

Katie Skinner is a Robotics PhD student working in the Deep Robot Optical Perception (DROP) Lab with Professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson. Her research interests include perception for underwater robots, light field imaging, and unsupervised learning. Katie holds a B.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a Certificate in Applications of Computing from Princeton University.

Srinivasan Ramanagopal, Manikandasriram

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

I got my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. I am now a Ph.D. candidate at UM Ford Center for Autonomous Vehicles working with Prof. Matthew Johnson-Roberson and Prof. Ram Vasudevan with research focus on robotic vision for automated systems.

Mia Stevens

Stevens, Mia

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

Mia is advised by Professor Ella Atkins, and is a member of the Autonomous Aerospace Systems Lab. Her PhD work focuses on geofencing for small unmanned aerial systems. Her research interests include system independent guidance schemes for sUAS, ground station development, and flight testing. Mia holds a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Guankun Su

Su, Guankun

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a master's student at the Robotics Institute. I received my B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University and B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. I work in the Vehicle Optimization, Dynamics, Control and Autonomy Laboratory. My research interests include autonomous vehicles, optimal control, path planning, and machine learning.

Tian, Thomas

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a master student at the University of Michigan. I obtained my B.S.E degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and my B.S.E degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. I work in the Vehicle Optimization, Dynamics, Control and Autonomy Laboratory. My primary research interests are autonomous vehicle, machine learning, model based controllers and path planning. I am also a diver and student pilot.

Alex Vaskov

Vaskov, Alex

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I am from Chevy Chase, MD. I received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012 and worked as a software development consultant before coming to Michigan in the fall of 2016 to study robotics. I work in Professor Cynthia Chestek's lab and am interested in using machine learning algorithms to improve neural decoding and shape the future of rehabilitation devices such as active prosthetic limbs, exoskeletons, and FES systems.

Yao, Yu

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm a third year PhD student from Autonomous Aerospace Systems (A2sys) Lab. My PhD researches focus on anomaly detection and value-driven event data recording for autonomous vehicle verification and validation. I'm also interested in advanced AI topics and advanced computer vision techniques. I'm also a big fan of hiking, backpacking and basketball.

Yu, Ming-Yuan

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I graduated from National Taiwan University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering. Currently, I am working on algorithms to make autonomous vehicles navigate reliably in urban scenes.

Ding Zhang

Zhang, Ding

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Ding is also a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering working with Prof. Kira Barton and Prof. Alex Shorter. His research interests include bio-inspired multi-agent control, behavior inference from wearable sensors, machine learning, and localization. In his free time he would... Oh wait, recently that data is too sparse to draw conclusion from.

Zhang, Tianyi

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I'm a Master's student in Robotics at the University of Michigan. My research interests include perception, control, navigation and cooperation problems on mobile robotics, especially Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Previously I received my B.Eng. degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from Tianjin University (Peiyang University).

Zixu Zhang

Zhang, Zixu

MS Student, Robotics Institute

I am a first year Robotics MS student at University of Michigan. Previously, I studied Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am interested in machine perception and learning to achieve long-term autonomy of robots. My recent research focuses on active simultaneous localization and mapping.

Sheng Zhong

Zhong, Sheng

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm a first year Robotics PhD that grew up in China for 8 years, stayed in Calgary for 10 years, did my undergrad in Toronto for 4 years, visited Zurich for 16 months, and somehow ended up now in Ann Arbor. My research focus will be on planning the manipulation of deformable objects - so a robot that can do your laundry. I enjoy programming (all forms of it), reading (and the discussion of readings), and badminton.

Luowei Zhou

Zhou, Luowei

PhD Candidate, Robotics Institute

I am a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Prof. Jason Corso. My research focuses on computer vision and natural language processing, especially vision-language embedding, such as captioning and question answering. My work intensively relies on deep learning and general machine learning/optimization algorithms. I have 5+ year experience with AI and I am passionate about groundbreaking AI research!

Zhou, Zheming

PhD Student, Robotics Institute

I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at Institute of Robotics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Previously, I completed my Master degree in Robotics in the UofM. My interests are Robot perception and manipulation involving computer vision and machine learning, now I'm working in 4PROGRESS lab headed by Prof. Chad Jenkins.

Xinyi Zhuang

Zhuang, Xinyi

MS Student, Robotics Institute

Xinyi is a first-year robotics MS student. She graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a dual major in electrical engineering and computer system engineering.