Robotics: Possible Elective Courses

The following are courses that have counted as electives for Robotics students in the past. Courses are added to this list as they are taken. There are other units on campus (e.g. LSA, Business, etc) that offer courses that may count toward this requirement. If you are unsure if a course will count toward the Elective requirement contact the grad office at

Any course listed under Sensing, Reasoning, or Acting that is not used to fulfill the Breadth or Depth requirement can also be considered an Elective. 

  • AEROSP 585: Aerospace Seminar (topic varies by term)
  • EECS 460: Control Systems Analysis and Design
  • EECS 467: Autonomous Robotics
  • EECS 501: Probability and Random Processes
  • EECS 560: Linear Systems Theory
  • EECS 586: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • EECS 587: Parallel Computing
  • EECS 643: Theory of Neural Computation
  • ENTR 407: Entrepreneurship Hour (Winter 2018)
  • ENTR 510: Compensation, Funding & Ownership (Winter 2017)
  • IOE 536: Cognitive Ergonomics and Human System Integration
  • KIN 413: Clinical Gait Analysis
  • MOVESCI 510: Musculoskeletal Simulation and Optimal Control (Umberger)
  • PSYCH 614: Advanced Statistical Methods¬†
  • SI 561: Natural Language Processing (Fall 2017)

Special Topics Courses:

  • EECS 498: Special Topics – Social Computing Systems
  • EECS 498: Special Topics – Introduction to Algorithmic Robotics
  • EECS 598: Special Topics – Interactive Game Systems
  • EECS 598: Topics in Hardware Security
  • ENGR 599: Special Topics in Engineering – approved sections vary
  • ENTR 599 Special Topics for Entrepreneurship – approved sections vary
  • ENTR 599.31: Special Topics – Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  • ISD 599F: Vehicle Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection
  • ROB 599: Special Topics – Robot Ethics

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