CPT/OPT Instructions

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

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To obtain the Academic/Faculty Advisor Recommendation Form from Robotics, please submit the following to the Graduate Coordinator (robotics-sso@umich.edu) via email: 

    1. An official job offer letter from a company
      • Letter should include start date, end date, rate of pay and position title. A sample letter is on the IC website.
    2. The Academic/Faculty Advisor Recommendation Form. Be sure to choose the appropriate form based on when your internship takes place (Winter/Spring/Summer or Fall).
      • MS and PhD pre-candidates: Fill out your Name and UMID only in Parts 1 & 2. 
      • PhD candidates: Fill out your Name and UMID only in Part 1. Your advisor must complete Part 3 AND attach a letter on official departmental letterhead explaining how this practical training is an integral part of the research for your dissertation.
    3. A detailed CPT Statement of Intent
      • Describe the job you will be doing in detail and give some description of the company and how their work relates to your field of study
      • Describe how the work that you will be doing relates to the coursework that you have done or will do in your academic program.

The Graduate Coordinator will email the completed Academic/Faculty Advisor Recommendation Form to you within 2 business days.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

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You must be enrolled in courses the semester you apply for OPT.

If you apply for OPT and you do not graduate at the end of the semester, it is your responsibility to contact the International Center to cancel your OPT. Failure to contact the International Center can result in you being out of immigration status or the loss of OPT time.

Instructions for OPT Letter:

  1. Apply for graduation.
  2. Submit completed MS Degree Worksheet (no signature required if you began the MS program before Fall 2018)
  3. Email robotics-sso@umich.edu to request an OPT letter.
  4. Complete the remaining steps outline on the International Center’s website.