Current Course Offerings

Winter 2019 Course List

Robotics related courses offered in the Winter 2019 term. Downloadable version found here.

Other term course offerings: Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Fall 2018

Updated January 16, 2019

Robotics Core

ROB 550: Robotics Systems Laboratory (Gaskell)



CEE 575: Sensors, Data, and Smart Systems

CLIMATE 585: Introduction to Remote Sensing and Inversion

EECS 442: Computer Vision (Fouhey)

EECS 505: Computational Data Science and Machine Learning (Rao)

EECS 542: Advanced Topics in Computer Vision (Dhiman)

ROB 530/NAVARCH 568/EECS 568: Mobile Robotics (Ghaffari)



EECS 461: Embedded Control Systems (Cook)

EECS 464: Hands-on Robotics (Revzen)

EECS 561/MECHENG 561: Design of Digital Control Systems (Vasudevan)

EECS 562/AEROSP 551: Nonlinear Systems & Control (Panagou)

EECS 565/AEROSP 580: Linear Feedback Control (Freudenberg)

EECS 598: Special Topics: Motion Planning (Berenson)

MECHENG 542: Vehicle Dynamics (Orosz)

MECHENG 646:  Human Movement (Rouse)

ROB 599/CEE 501/MECHENG 599: Dynamics and Control of Connected Vehicles (Orosz)

ROB 599/AEROSP 740: Experimental Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Atkins, Gaskell)



AEROSP 552: Aerospace Information Systems (Jeannin)

EECS 486: Information Retrieval & Web Search (Mihalcea)

EECS 548: Information Visualization (Kay)

EECS 592: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (Durfee)

EECS 598: Special Topics: Motion Planning (Berenson)

EECS 598: Special Topics: Advanced Data Mining (Koutra)

EECS 598: Special Topics: Computational Data Science (Nadakuditi)

EECS 598: Special Topics: Deep Learning (Lee)

EECS 692: Advanced Artificial Intelligence (Laird)

IOE 434: Human Error and Complex System Failure (Sarter)

IOE 511: Continuous Optimization Methods (Epelman)

IOE 512: Dynamic Programming (Chao)

IOE 691: Approximation Algorithms (Naga)

SI 630: Natural Language Processing: Algorithms and People



AEROSP 585: Aerospace Seminar (Waas)

EECS 460: Control Systems Analysis and Design (Meerkov)

EECS 467: Autonomous Robotics (Jenkins)

EECS 501: Probability & Random Processes (Anastasopoulos)

EECS 560: Linear Systems Theory (Ozay)

EECS 586: Design & Analysis of Algorithms (Stout)

PSYCH 614: Advanced Statistical Methods (Gonzalez)

PUBPOL 754: Research Seminar in Science, Technology, and Public Policy

SPACE 565: Planetary Science (Atreya)